About Us

Beijing CIC Technology Co., Ltd [simplified to CICTEC] is a company that provides intelligent bus business management solutions and services. Through the entire bus business application solution providing, professional vehicle electronic equipment supplying, and internet value-added data services—the three major business models—we are able to provide the services with maximized integrative value for our bus customers, to meet our customers' multi-level needs in managing business, improving business process, increasing public service channels, and opening value-added businesses through bus transportation. CICTEC is one of China's first high-tech enterprises focused on the intelligent transportation industry.

CICTEC has complete application innovation, product development, project management, marketing and customer service system. CICTEC will oversee product development from design to distribution in strict accordance with CMMI3 and auto parts supply chain quality management system ISO TS16949-2009 management, will perform process management and quality control from planning and construction to operation and maintenance of the project in order to provide the full range, one-stop service for customers. Depending on the close integration of industry and capital, the industry's high degree of concern and profound business integration, CICTEC has established advantages in the intelligent transportation industry that cannot be replicated.

As an active participant in the intelligent transportation industry, CICTEC has witnessed the various stages of intelligent bus industry development and construction in China from labor-based to information-based and prospectively caught development opportunities to promote the sustainable development of intelligent transportation business and make people’s daily travelling more convenient. CICTEC will continue to fulfill the social responsibility and gradually establish its leadership in the intelligent transportation industry in China.